Property & Liability 

In the event of a significant loss, the survival of the business will often depend upon insurance that covers Property Damage with Business Interruption or Loss of Profits. By understanding your business, we are able to identify your exposures and tailor make your insurance to your business need and give you a peace of mind.

Global terrorism and sabotage events are increasing , we are able to access this facility through our global partners such as Assurex GlobalAsia Australasia Alliance, and Wing Insurance, of which we are the only member in Indonesia.

Property All Risk and Business Interruption / Loss of Profits insurance which will protect your physical assets from

  1. Fire Lightning Explosion Air Strike
  2. Typhoon, Storm, Flood, Water Damage
  3. Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage, Civil Commotion
  4. Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Tsunami
  5. Global Terrorism and Sabotage

Liability Insurance

  1. Public Liability / Comprehensive General Liability
    •  Protect businesses from personal injuries, property damage and legal expenses.
  2. Product Liability 
    • Protect businesses from against third party claims of personal injuries, property damage and legal expenses caused by products sold or supplied.
  3. Environmental Liability 
    • Covers the cost of restoring damage from sudden accidental environmental accidents such as pollution, clean up costs, third party liability and legal costs.
  4. Management Liability / Directors and Officers Liability 
    • Protect Management against financial loss from litigation for an alleged wrongful act, negligence or omission as directors and officers.
  5. Professional Liability / Errors and Omissions 
    • Protects insured against errors, omission or negligent in relation to advice or services that have been provided.