Marine & Aviation Hull

MIR Brokers is one of the longest established brokers in Indonesia and has 45+ years of experience in marine insurance, We have built our reputation for providing active and dedicated service to marine industry in Indonesia and South East Asia . We have experience with all types of vessels and we are committed to provide support to any of your requests, including insurance placement and end to end claims service.

The maritime business is a high-profile industry with potential for catastrophic losses. Whether the risk relates to; ship repair and maritime construction risk, general average, natural catastrophes, delay in start-up, war risks, terrorism, coastal marine operations, inventory, or the myriad of other risks, our experts are on hand to provide insight and solutions to address your business challenges. We are ablle to provide the following cverage:

Marine Hull & Marine Cargo

All RIsk coverage for Hull or Cargo from point of delivery to final destination.

Marine Liability / Freight Forwarders Liability

LIability insurance that covers third party and first party damage for freight forwardes or terminal operators.