Employee Benefit / Personal Accident / Travel

Health / Employee Benefit

Covers Pre, Post and Hospitalization Costs including Surgical and Accidental Treatment costs.

MIR Brokers provides specialist assistance in all areas of employee benefits including Group Medical, Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Total Permanent Disability and Retirement Schemes for local staff or staff members employed on expatriate terms. For medical and dental covers, we are able to devise insurance scheme, self-financed scheme or a combination of the two so that the client's financial needs are met and its staff members are provided with a comprehensive benefit scheme (including BPJS).

We are dedicated to provide comprehensive services, including, employee handbook, end to end caim service and continous support to your staff, so that they understand the benefits available to them. 

Personal Accident

Personal Accident insruance covers death, bodily injury and medical expenses caused by sudden accident.


Travel Insurance covers emergency medical evacuation, medical expenses and personal accident.  If you traveling abroad on business, vacation or to visit family MIR Brokers can offer you a wide range of products to provide coverage short or long trips up to 12 months. Comprehensive coverage for business or personal journeys via air, land and sea