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Cyber Privacy Liability Insurance

Cyber Privacy Liability insurance covers First Party and Third Party against the following;

  1. Third Party Security and Privacy Liability
    • Cover liability and expenses from security or privacy breach by company, outsources or independent contractors
  2. First Party Regulatory Defence Cost
    • Cover defence and penalty costs, caused by privacy breach.
  3. First Party Crisis Management Costs 
    • Legal costs to comply with privacy regulations, credit monitoring, public relation and other legal requirement resulting from data, privacy or security breach.
  4. First Party Cyber Extortion
    •  Extortion expenses and monies required to release company’s digital assets which are seized by unauthorized assets.
  5. First Party Loss of Digital Assets
    •  Expenses and costs incurred from damage, alteration, theft, destruction of company’s digital assets caused by DOS, Malicious Code or unauthorized access to computer system.
  6. First Party Business Interruption Expenses
    •  Cover Income Loss and extra expense resulting from total or partial failure of computer system caused by DOS, Malicious Code and unauthorized access to computer system.